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D3 Timeseries with Brush

Have some temporal data to display in your project? Use this D3.js timeseries!

Timeseries is offered in an easy to use format - just give it the class name of the container in which you would like it to render, some data, and whether or not to use the brush. Each datapoint is an object so you can easily add your own fields and extend functionality.

<div class="timeseries"></div>
var data = [{'value': 1380854103662},{'value': 1363641921283}];
timeseries('timeseries', data, true);

Optional brush functionality allows for filtering. Want the range of your brush? Just call


Timeseries determines the range of your dates and times and adjusts its layout accordingly. Does your data all fall within one day? Timeseries will adjust to show time on its x-axis.

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